Live virtual tour

Virtual tour of Dubrovnik – live-streamed, one-on-one and tailor-made for you

Hello there! We're pleased to offer live virtual tours from Dubrovnik. Being fully aware that not everyone is able to or can afford to travel to Dubrovnik, we've decided to bring Dubrovnik to you! We've designed a fully immersive and customized virtual tour experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

It is a one-hour live stream from Dubrovnik where the guide will be your eyes and ears and show you some of the most beautiful corners of the Old town or give you an opportunity to climb the City walls. Watch it live in real-time from your laptop, phone, tablet or desktop computer. Don’t let the travel restrictions or health and safety issues prevent your from experiencing Dubrovnik – join our live virtual tours, grab some snacks, sit back and enjoy!

How does the live virtual tour work?

It's simple! We are doing live-streamed virtual tours using the Zoom app. For whichever virtual tour you choose to do, you'll receive a personal invitation e-mail containing the link to the scheduled virtual tour (online meeting), meeting ID and a password. You can join the virtual tour from your browser or, if you so choose, download and use the Zoom app on your preferred device to join it. The e-mail will specify the tour starting time in different time zones. Five to ten minutes before the start of the tour you can enter the waiting room, and when it’s time to start, the guide will begin streaming live from Dubrovnik, privately, just for you and for whoever you choose to watch it with!

During the tour you’ll get the video and audio from the guide and he’ll talk about the city as if you were really there, walking along! You’ll hear about the history, art, culture and the way of life of local people who live inside the Old town. The interactive and real-time chat will be enabled throughout the tour, allowing you to type any questions or comments that your guide will be able to see on their mobile phone’s screen and promptly answer. On the private virtual tour you will also have the option to activate your own microphone and ask questions directly to your local guide.

Private and shared live virtual tours of Dubrovnik

A private virtual tour means that only you and whoever you choose to have with you in the room (family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbors…) will have access to the live stream, meaning, no-one else can join in. For this kind of virtual tour we do, however, require you to contact us first – send us a message, tell us when you’d like to do it and we’ll get back to you with details on the price and scheduling, considering the possible time difference and so on. We’ll send you a custom offer that you can book and safely pay online through our reservation system.

The shared virtual tour means that you’ll be part of an online group. This way you’ll have the feeling of doing something quite unique – traveling to Dubrovnik with no need for passport and plane tickets from your home but with other people from all over the world! There won’t be so many people, don’t worry about that – the live virtual tours of Dubrovnik are also capped to eight guests, or to be precise, eight unique attendees who can join the online meeting.

Sure, you and they too can bring along more people to watch the tour with them, but the meeting itself is strictly limited to eight invitees, meaning, a maximum of eight guests can personally purchase this kind of tour and receive the invitation e-mail from us. Your privacy is your choice - feel free to turn off your own camera, you will still get the live feed from the guide, streaming the audio and video from Dubrovnik.

More information on the virtual tours and how to book

In a nutshell, simply think of our live virtual tours of Dubrovnik as a unique pay-per-view event, a live-streamed walk from the streets of Dubrovnik Old town as if you were really there – it’s live, it’s not pre-recorded, it’s as real as it gets! Choose from the two types of virtual tours: private or shared, think about what kind of experience would best satisfy your craving for travel – a one-on-one live-stream where it’s just you (and possibly your loved ones :) and the tour guide, in which case we recommend the private virtual tour or maybe the feeling of sharing the experience with a small group of people who’ll be watching the stream with you from all around the world, in which case we suggest you go for the shared tour option.

Remember: the shared virtual tour will be the default option available to book through our website! So how do you book a shared tour? Click the “Book now” button and a new window will open redirecting you to our internal reservations system called EZ Booker. It’s really easy – choose the date and time available from the options, fill out your contact details and then proceed to the payment. We accept major credit cards and your payment is processed securely through our payment gateway.

The moment you complete the payment the confirmation email is sent to the email address you provide in the reservation form. This email contains all the info you need to join the online meeting (or, the live virtual tour :) including the link and the password for the meeting. And that’s it! Now you just have to join slightly before the scheduled time, make sure your own equipment is up and running (check your PC/laptop/phone speakers and camera and internet connection), sit back and walk the streets of Dubrovnik from your sofa!

For the private tour, however, we do require that you contact us – send us a message and we'll get back to you and arrange for the best time for the tour and, of course, the price. Once we agree on that, we’ll send you a link with a custom offer to your private tour reservation and payment form which you have to fill out and complete the payment in order to receive a confirmation email with the link to your private tour, the online meeting ID and the password.

Are you intrigued already? Stay tuned - the live virtual tours from Dubrovnik are coming soon! At the moment, we're hard at work testing them with our dear guests who've formerly been on our "normal" tours and we'll soon make them available for online booking. In the meantine, drop us a line if you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you!

See you soon online, live and virtual,

Dubrovnik Local Guides