Layers of untold history

The history of Dubrovnik not everyone is familiar with


Gathering a team of like-minded individuals is not a difficult task as long as they all share one common goal. For us, Dubrovnik Local Guides, that goal was to go deeper into the history of Dubrovnik, far beyond the well-known facts. Yes, we can always brag about the Golden age of the Republic of Ragusa, talk about our great playwrights and our misfortunate demise as an independent city-state, but really, let’s face it – there’s so much more to our history. Why not share it with the world?

We have come together to offer you some unusual, quirky private walking tours in Dubrovnik, tailor-made, carefully crafted and meticulously researched. Agreed, Dubrovnik has its fair share of legends and fantastic stories, but still, not all of them are told by our fellow tour guides, some are considered “inappropriate”, some distasteful but do they not add to the charm and mystique of our city? Our Legends and curiosities walking tour deals with the forgotten or perhaps intentionally omitted stories that make up the rich history of Dubrovnik. Some will make you smile, some will be shocking, some might even feel a bit tongue-in-cheek, but all of them will provoke some sort of reaction, that’s for sure.

Dubrovnik Local Guides have made it our mission to discover the layers of untold history: not necessarily those that go centuries back – even some sixty, seventy years ago Dubrovnik looked like a totally different city, and our Dubrovnik Now and Then walking tour aims to unveil the often misinterpreted 20th century with all its political, social and urban changes. Dubrovnik has seen it all – moving from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to the turbulent World War 2 era and then again to the socialist Yugoslavia, the amount of changes Dubrovnik experienced through the twentieth century is insane. Statues were removed for political reasons, the main street Stradun was lined with shops (useful stuff like shoemakers, not just a string of café bars…) and the people went through some fascinating personal changes – of their fashion, of their mindsets and of the way they perceived Dubrovnik. We at Dubrovnik Local Guides want to show this to our guests.

Also, make sure to check out our Dubrovnik Street Stories walking tour. It will take you through the labyrinth of small alleyways in the Old Town and tell you what's there behind the name. The streets are named usually after great poets, scientists or statesmen. Same can be said for Dubrovnik only there's much more - why on Earth is there a street called Pitchblack Street and what's the story behind the Dead Bell square? Join our Street Stories walking tour and you will learn that and so much more!

These are just some of the walking tours in Dubrovnik that we created. We did that because we truly believe there’s much more to tell our guests, so much more to show them and because we ultimately believe that walking tours in Dubrovnik needed some fresh blood, some new life in what has by now become a rather predictable touristic offer. Time will tell if we were successful in achieving this.