Dubrovnik city walls ticket price in 2024

For all of you visiting Dubrovnik in 2024 we've put together an FAQ list covering all you need to know about Dubrovnik's main attraction: the city walls! How much does it cost, what does it include, where to buy the tickets... we've got you covered! Read on and find the answers to all your questions!


How much does it cost to walk the walls of Dubrovnik?

In 2024, the adult single ticket for the city walls is 35 Euros during the regular season (March 1 - October 31) and 15 Euros in the off-season (from January 1- February 29, and from November 1 - December 31).

Can I pay by card?

Yes, major credit cards are accepted at each of the three entry points to the walls. The main entrance has a separate ticket office, in the shade by the orange trees, where you can also buy your tickets for the walls.

What is included in the city walls ticket?

The 35 Euros ticket covers the main walls, Minčeta tower, the western bulwark, the Upper corner tower with the foundry museum, fort Bokar, the archaeological site of St. Andrew's and the separate fort of St. Lawrence. The ticket is valid for 72 hours from the first scan.

Does that mean I don't have to do everything in one day?

Yes, but only if you buy the ticket from the official website! This ticket includes the whole package: the city walls, the Minčeta tower and the fort of St. Lawrence. All three sites have their own, separate entry points and your tickets will be scanned at each entrance! However, if you buy the one-day Dubrovnik Pass, it IS NOT valid for 72 hours and you CANNOT visit either one of the three sites after the 24-hour period has expired.

Can I buy tickets online, and how does it work?

Yes, you can purchase tickets online at the official website of the City walls of Dubrovnik. Print the ticket at home, and present the paper ticket to the staff at the entrance. Alternatively, have the PDF tickets ready on your phone. The staff will scan the barcode for entry.

Can I visit the fort of St. Lawrence separately?

Yes, you can. The entrance fee for just the fort is 15 Euros (5 Euros in the off-season). Make sure to keep the ticket if you decide to later visit the city walls, as you'll need to pay the price difference.

How many entrances to the walls are there?

There are three access points to the city walls. The main entrance is located at the beginning of the main street, near the big Onofrio's fountain. We don't recommend it because of the very steep staircase and usually long lines of people waiting to get up. Here's the Google Maps link.

The second entrance, the one we prefer and use on our guided tour of the city walls, is closer to Ploče gate, at the eastern end of the Old town. It is much smaller with less stairs and fewer people buying the tickets. Here's the Google Maps link

The third one is tucked away in the southeastern corner of the town, near the fort of St. John and the Maritime museum. Here's the Google maps link

Where do I enter Minčeta tower and the western bulwark?

To visit Minčeta tower, the Upper corner tower and the foundry museum, the western bulwark, fort Bokar and the archaeological site of St. Andrew's you have to climb all the way up to the northwestern corner of the Old town. You can either take Celestina Medovića street, the first one on the left when walking down the main street from the big Onofrio's fountain and then climb all the way up or, alternatively, you can take Peline street from Buža gate or from Zlatarska street at the end of the main street, looking from the big fountain down.

Again, you have to climb all the way up until you reach Minčeta tower. The entrance to this separate section of the walls is right up there. Keep in mind that the exit point is on the other side of the Old town, in the southwestern corner (or closer to Pile gate if you choose not to visit fort Bokar and the archaeological site of St. Andrew's). Here's the Google Maps link to the entrance.

Is there a guided tour where I can learn more about Minčeta and the western bulwark?

Yes, there is! We offer a private two-hour walking tour for history buffs and archaeology enthusiasts out there, but also for everyone who want to learn more about the fascinating secret tunnels of the walls. You can read more about this unique tour here.

Are there any student discounts?

Yes, students with a valid ISIC card pay 15 Euros. Make sure you present your ISIC card at the entrance! If you decide to visit the city walls later, show your ticket from the fort and the ISIC card for free entry.

How much do kids pay?

Kids under 7 years can go for free. Children aged 7 – 18 pay 15 Euros or 5 Euros in the off-season. 

Is the Dubrovnik Pass worth it?

Absolutely! The Dubrovnik Pass offers a one-day, three-day, or seven-day option, starting at 35 Euros. It includes entry to the city walls, Minčeta tower, fort Bokar, the western bulwark, Upper corner tower and the foundry museum, the archaeological site of St. Andrew's, the fort of St. Lawrence, city museums, and a daily bus pass. You can order it online here.

How do I use the Dubrovnik Pass for the city walls?

Show your Dubrovnik Pass with the QR code at the entrance, either printed or on your phone. It grants you access, and you can enjoy a 20% discount on our City Walls Tour by using the code DUPASS20 during reservation.


Are there any additional discounts during the off-season?

Yes, during the off-season (January 1 – February 29 and November 1 - December 31), the entrance ticket for the walls or the one-day Dubrovnik Pass costs only 15 Euros per person.

Can I explore the city walls multiple times with one ticket?

No, unfortunately not! The ticket allows only one lap around the walls, one visit to the fort of St. Lawrence and one entry to Minčeta tower and the western bulwark. If you decide to leave, you cannot re-enter without purchasing a new ticket. 

Can I learn more about the city walls on a guided tour?

Sure you can! Consider booking our City Walls tour for a comprehensive experience of the walls. The tour, led by a local guide, provides historical insights and operates daily at 9 AM to avoid crowds and heat. Additionally, we also offer a walking tour of the northern half of the walls with free exploration of the southern half.

We hope this answers all your questions! Enjoy the walls, no matter if you go on your own or on one of our tours - just have fun!


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