About us

Dubrovnik local guides - your best friends in Dubrovnik


Who are Dubrovnik local guides?

We are a group of history buffs turned tour guides. We are all professionally licensed by the Croatian Ministry of tourism. We are locals of Dubrovnik who will make you feel like a local as well. We are in love with our city. We are proud and passionate about it. Some of us grew up in the Old town. When we were kids, we played soccer on the streets, behind the palaces, in front of the churches... the very places we will show you on our tours. We are your travel buddies in Dubrovnik. We are Dubrovnik Local Guides, and we are here for you!

Why choose us?

Because we are good at what we do. That really isn't difficult to achieve when one loves what one does. We draw inspiration from the layers of rich history that surround us. Our walking tours are well-researched, informative and entertaining. And they're not quite the walking tours you've come to expect. On our tours, we add that element of drama that is so befitting to Dubrovnik. Be on your guard, because we might even test your knowledge with a quiz at the end... you never know! Why choose us? Because we are different. We will not hit you with an onslaught of names and dates, instead, we will bring the past alive through our animated and vivid story-telling, coupled with our knowledge of all things Dubrovnik. If you truly want to get to know Dubrovnik, there's no better way than discovering it with a local guide.

How to book?

To join one of our walking tours simply choose the tour you'd like to do from the home page and click on the calendar to reserve your spot on the tour. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details regarding the tour departure time and meeting point. You can pay in advance by credit card or, if you want, you can also pay by cash on the spot to the guide in local currency.

Meeting points

The meeting points for the walking tours are carefully selected for your convenience. Each of the walking tours we offer has its own designated meeting point that will be displayed on the map when you choose the tour. Most of the meeting points are close to public transport and are very easy to find.


Feel free to contact us with tour inquiries or any questions you may have about the walking tours. We are at your disposal and we usually reply within a couple of hours.

Write us an email: info(at)dubrovniklocalguides(dot)com

Call or text us: +385 97 681 3112